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Control your personal reputation & learn the truth about people you deal with every day. MyLife is the leading online reputation platform. Start your trial Sigiriya or Sinhagiri (Lion Rock Sinhala: සීගිරිය, Tamil: சிகிரியா / aசிங்ககிரி, pronounced see-gi-ri-yə) is an ancient rock fortress located in the northern Matale District near the town of Dambulla in the Central Province, Sri Lanka.The name refers to a site of historical and archaeological significance that is dominated by a massive column of. One of the must visit place in Sri Lanka & great wonders of the world. This is a UNESCO heritage site protected for its history. Sigiriya rock fortress is a classic example for Sri Lankan ancient architecture & talent of the people. Weekends are generally busy & suggests to The main entrance is located in the northern side of the rock. It was designed in the form of a huge stone lion, whose feet have survived up to today but the upper parts of the body were destroyed. Thanks to this lion the palace was named Sigiriya. The term Sigiriya originates from the word Sihagri, i.e. Lion Rock

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  1. utes from the beautiful and ever famous town of Dambulla. Kassapa Lions Rock is an ideal base from which you can explore the many picturesque sites famous for its historic and cultural importance, such as Anurahapura, PoIonnaruwa, SigIriya, Dambulla and Ritigala
  2. Sigiriya The Ancient Rock Fortress: Lion Rock - Se 11 332 reiseanmeldelser, 14 126 objektive bilder og gode tilbud på Sigiriya, Sri Lanka på Tripadvisor
  3. This elevated walkway then joins a plateau called the Lion's Paw Terrace, which projects out of the northern rock face. The final ascent to the royal palace on the rock summit is through a gateway which lies dramatically between the paws of a huge, crouched, lion figure on this terrace. The Sigiriya rock-summit is 1.5 hectares in extent

Sigiriya, also called Lion Rock or Lion Mountain, site in central Sri Lanka consisting of the ruins of an ancient stronghold that was built in the late 5th century ce on a remarkable monolithic rock pillar Når de bor på Kassapa Lions Rock Hotel, kan besøkende sjekke ut Pidurangala Rock (4,1 km), som er en populær attraksjon i Sigiriya. Om du er på utkikk etter en asiatisk restaurant, kan du ta turen til Chooti Restaurant, Ahinsa restaurant eller Pradeep Resturant Sigiriya er et gammelt klippefort og ruiner av et slott i den sentrale delen av Matale District i Sri Lanka, bygget på toppen av en vulkansk plugg. Det er et populært turistmål og blir også oppsøkt for de spesielle hulemaleriene på stedet

Sigiriya Rock is one of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka, and it's really no surprise why.It's pretty darn epic! This unique rock formation was created around 2 billion years ago and it's actually a large block of molten magma that hardened and plugged a volcano SIGIRIYA 169 KM (105 Miles) From Colombo. Sigiriya also known as the Lion's Rock is a rock fortress and a palace located in the Matale district of Sri Lanka. This ruin is surrounded by gardens, ponds and other structures. Sigiriya was built by King Kassapa and it is included as a World Heritage site. Sigiriya is the best preserved city centre. Image Credit : Peter van der Sluijs. During Kashyapa's reign (477 - 495 AD), Sigiriya developed into a complex urban city, centred on the Sīnhāgirim, meaning Lion Rock which is a large granite peak that rises 200 metres above the surrounding plain Welcome to The Lion Rock Hotel, your Sigiriya home away from home. The Lion Rock Hotel aims to make your visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, which is why so many guests continue to come back year after year. Given the close proximity to Pidurangala Rock (1.5 mi), guests of The Lion Rock Hotel can easily experience one of Sigiriya's most popular landmarks The Lion Rock - Sigiriya has a really special shape, is nearly 200 meters high, and rises mysteriously from the jungle. The rock satisfies both adrenaline freaks, the history buffs, art people, and those who are looking for a great view. Whatever attitude you bring to the rock, you won`t be disappointed

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  1. Sigiriya, or Lion Rock, is a natural geological feature - a hardened magma plug from an extinct and long-eroded volcano. It's much more than a grand granite monolith, however. Back in 477 AD, according to ancient chronicle Culavagnsha, King Kasyapa chose Sigiriya as the site for the new capital of Lanka
  2. ates the skyline.It's Sigiriya, also known as the Lion Rock because of the giant lion claws that function as an entry gate about halfway up the rock
  3. Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress Sigiriya Called by numerous names including The Lion Rock for it is the underlying name of Sinhagiri. This lion rock is close to the town of Dambulla and is an epic segment of shake almost 200m high
  4. Sigiriya is also known as the Lion's Rock.It is a rock fortress and place of the former Royal Palace. Usually, you can see the photos of Sigiriya as one of the famous cultural and tourist locations in Sri Lanka on the internet. It is inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage site list from 1982 and also declared as the eighth wonder of the world
  5. Book your tickets online for Sigiriya The Ancient Rock Fortress, Sigiriya: See 11,334 reviews, articles, and 14,137 photos of Sigiriya The Ancient Rock Fortress, ranked No.1 on Tripadvisor among 12 attractions in Sigiriya
  6. About The Sigiriya Lion Rock Trail. To truly experience Sigiriya and see it up-close, you must hike the Sigiriya Lion Rock Trail. The trailhead begins at the ticket office and heads eastward to the Lion Rock. Listed as a 2.7 out-and-back moderately difficult trail by AllTrails.com, the trail is well-marked and easy to follow
  7. Tours cover Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress. Here we are showing some Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Lion Sigiriya Rock Fortress on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you

Though it wasn't until we arrived in Sigiriya that we realised Sigiriya Rock is in fact called Lion Rock. Lion Rock (Sigiriya Rock) Vs Pidurangala Rock Ticket Cost Lion Rock - 4500 Rupees (£25) The 4500 rupees ticket cost allows you entrance to the museum, gardens, mirror wall and of course Lion Rock Lion Rock. Entrance fee: 4500 rupees. Hike: moderate, 1200 steps until you reach the Lion Rock fortress on top of Sigiriya rock.. Time to get to the top: depending on the crowds, your own pace and the times you stop 30 - 45 minutes.. Crowds: very busy, always and every time of the day.. Things to see: Lots of historical features like the lion claws, old wall drawings and the mirror wall and.

The lion Paw is located in the half way up of the sigiriya. King has been built the entrance with the form of an enormous lion. It is located in the northern side of the rock. The name of the Lion Rock has been derived because of this form of the enormous lion The citadel of Sigiriya, or Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress, is certainly the most famous monument of Sri Lanka: it is a mythical citadel perched at the top of a rock of 200 meters above sea level.Dating from medieval times, it is an important archaeological site of Sri Lanka which offers at its summit a superb view Sigiriya: climbing the Lion Rock Published by feastoftravel on September 17, 2018 September 17, 2018. Sigiriya is probably the first image that comes to mind when we think of Sri Lanka. This ancient rock fortress arises in the middle of the jungle in the form of a 200m rock on an otherwise flat surroundings Vi dro til Sigiriya for å gå til Lion Rock. Når vi skulle hit fikk vi en tuktuk fra hotellet, og han som kjørte oss var veldig overtroisk hindu. Han stoppa flere ganger for å be, men hver gang han gikk ut av tuktuken for å be/frelse så skjedde det verre og verre ting. Først så løper han ut av bilen

Sigiriya (Lion Rock, Sinhalese - සීගිරිය, pronounced see-gee-REE-yah) is located in the central Matale District of the Central Province, Sri Lanka in an area dominated by a massive column of rock nearly 200 meters high This ancient rock fortress is located in the central Matale District between the towns of Dambulla and Habarane in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya, also known as the Lion Rock, is 200 meters (660 ft) higher than the surrounding jungles and a popular tourist attraction of the spectacular beauty in Sri Lanka Sigiriya, also know as Lion Rock, is arguably the most important site you need to see when you visit Sri Lanka. It is thousands of years old and was the site of the Royal Palace of one Sri Lanka's ancient Kings

One of our top picks in Sigiriya. Providing free WiFi throughout the property, Sigiri Lion Lodge is located in Sigiriya, an 18-minute walk from Sigiriya Rock and 2.5 miles from Pidurangala Rock. Featuring family rooms, this property also provides guests with a terrace Sigiriya Lion Claws. Sigiriya Water Gardens. Ancient Anuradhapura Fresco at Sigiriya. Sigiriya, steps. Rock and Ruins at Sigiriya. Sigiriya Mirror Wall. Sigiriya Ongoing-Archeological Work. Sigiriya Old Jungle City. Sigiriya Rock Fortress and Dambulla Cave Temples TOUR. 1 Adult - 220.00 USD

Sigiriya ( lion rock) is an ancient rock fortress located in between the town of Dambulla and Habarana in the Central Province, Sri Lanka. This is considered to be the eighth wonder of world at a time. So this is definitely a must visit place in Sri Lanka. This is a rock fortress which is [ Wow what a way to spend a day - Sigiriya Rock sounds like a fantastic experience, it's funny, my dad has developed a passion recently for stair climbing, and just registered to climb in Switzerland next year, 11,000 stairs lol so 1200 for Sigiriya Rock we can manage :D The views are incredible, and I think many people would still climb just for that, but massive bonus that it has such a. sigiriya lion rock ticket price The cost of the ticket for the locals is 65 LKR. and 3750 LKR (approx. $30) for foreign tourists. Yes, you read that right, it is more than 56 times the price for the locals Lion's Paw; Sigiriya Lion Paw - Photo credit Ryan Kartzke - Flicker. This Entrance design is the main reason to get another name for Sigiriya as Lion Rock.at the entrance. You can see this lion paw. Some people say it belongs to a bird since it has only three fingers in one leg.anyhow, it is famous as Lion paw. Sigiriya Mirror Wal Sigiriya Rock. Build 1600 years ago, by King Kasyapa, a much-maligned but brilliant king, Sigiriya is an exquisite example of ancient Sri Lankan art and architecture.Wander around its ruins, then climb to the Sky Palace, stopping on the way to admire the paintings of the ladies of the king's harem, the graffiti on the Mirror Wall, and the Lion Staircase before continuing to the summit with its.

Sigiriya (auch Sigirija, Sinhala සීගිරිය ˈsiːgirijə) ist ein Monolith in Sri Lanka, auf dem sich die Ruinen einer historischen Felsenfestung befinden. Der Name leitet sich von Singha Giri ab, was Löwenfelsen bedeutet. 1982 wurde Sigiriya von der UNESCO zum Weltkulturerbe erklärt Looking over at Lion Rock/ Sigiriya Rock! There is a 500 LKR entrance fee (around $3 USD) to climb Pidurangala Rock. This is paid at the entrance gate after you have entered the temple. What time does Pidurangala Rock open? The entrance gate opens at 5 am and closes at 6 pm Ancient City of Sigiriya. The ruins of the capital built by the parricidal King Kassapa I (477-95) lie on the steep slopes and at the summit of a granite peak standing some 180m high (the 'Lion's Rock', which dominates the jungle from all sides) The 'must do' site: Sigiriya's Lion Rock. To make the most of your $30 USD, visit Lion Rock is in the early morning, as soon as the park opens at 7:30am. This way, you can climb the rock before the heat of the day kicks in - and there is no cover on the climb so remember to wear suncream - even at 7:30am The original entrance to the palace was on the north side of the rock, and took the form of a large lion, with its front paws, head and shoulders projecting from the rock. The staircase went up between the two front paws and into the mouth of the lion - hence Lion Rock

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  1. Sigiriya, also known as the Lion Rock owes its name largely because of the giant lion statue which was constructed in order to make the rock resemble the figure of a lion. However, the Lion Rock has almost disappeared leaving just two of its giant paws at the Northern side of the rock. H.C.P. Bell who is a British archaeologist liable for a huge amount of archaeology in Sri Lanka
  2. Tours cover Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress. Here we are showing some Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress visiting tour itineraries below. If you like to visit Lion Sigiriya Rock Fortress on any other tour in Sri Lanka we can arrange a customize tour for you
  3. Built in the fifth century, Sri Lanka's Sigiriya fortress attracted the attention of British archaeologists in the 1800s, who were amazed by its leonine rock art and beautiful frescoes

Called the Lion Rock, the ancient rock fortress of 'Sigiriya' is a historical landmark in Sri Lanka. Explore the great tales of ambition, betrayal & vengeance that determined the fate of this palace in the sky Sigiriya lion rock so-called as lion's rock probably be the most visited tourist place in Sri Lanka. Located in the heart of the island between the town of Dambulla and Habarana . The vertical walls soar to a flat topped summit that contains the ruins of an ancient civilization, the only mountain with a flat top summit in sigiriya surrounded by whole jungles Sigiriya (Lion Rock) On the way to the Sigiriya (Lion Rock) we also had an opportunity to look at the rice fields where there was activity. This despite the fact that the temperature regularly exceeds 30 degrees Celsius: Being busy in the rice fields . Sigiriya is the ruins of a Royal Palace

Sigiriya Lion Rock - Mirror Wall and Paintings After climbing half of the rock, you will reach at that iconic LION PAWS which was the gateway to the King's palace. Sigiriya Lion Rock Climbing Lion Rock. Further going up through stair will take you at the top of the Lion Rock where once King Kasyapa had his Palace. All the way around 360. Sigiriya is an Ancient Rock Fortress and Palace built by King Kashyapa during the reign of 473 - 495 which is standing majestically 660 feet straight up. It is located in the northern Matale district near the town of Dambulla in central province of Sri Lanka. The word Sigiriya or the Sinhagiri means the Lion's Rock where you have to climb up 1200 steps before you reach the Lion Rock. After Lion Rock, I got ready to climb to the top of Pidurangala Rock. Entry costs only 500 rupees (~ $3) which is 10 times cheaper than Lion Rock's. You will first visit a 5th-century temple where you will need to take off your shoes and cover your shoulders and knees. You can then put your shoes back on and go uphill for 30 to 40 minutes Sigiriya og en kæmpemæssige klippe Lion Rock er meget fascinerende. Se de flotte billeder og læs om turen til Sigiriya og Lion Rock på Sri Lanka Sigiriya is located in the Matale District in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.It is located within the cultural triangle formed by Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy, which includes five of the eight world heritage sites in Sri Lanka.. Understand []. Sigiriya is famous for its palace ruins on top of a massive 200 meter high rock surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens.

The king's Upper Palace is located at the flat top of the Sigiriya Rock. In the middle terrace is the Lion Gate and the Mirror Wall, with its frescoes. The king's Lower Palace clings to the slopes below the rock. The moats, walls and gardens of the palace extend for a few hundred meters from the base of the rock. Tour Sigiriya Lion Rock - Leeuwenrots. Wanneer het je interessant lijkt om de overblijfselen van het paleis te zien zoals de muren, de muurschilderingen en de leeuwenpoten onderaan de rots dan is de Lion Rock simpelweg de beste keuze. Hierbij bezoek je ook de omliggende tuinen en grachten vanwaar je een mooi uitzicht hebt op Sigiriya Climbing Sigiriya Lion Rock is one of the most popular things to do in Sri Lanka. In fact, Sigiriya is so famous that most of the travel postcards or brochures for Sri Lanka its picture. After all, it is a famous UNESCO World Heritage site and the pride of Sri Lanka. There is another alternative to climbing Sigiriya and it is right next to it The Red Rock Fortress of Sigiriya The 'Lion Rock' of Sri Lanka has stood proud for centuries. By Google Arts & Culture. Sigiriya stands nearly 200m tall, in the central province of Sri Lanka. During the reign of King Kashyapa between 477-495CE,.

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  1. One of the underrated and unique attractions of Sigiriya is the 'Lion Rock'. Nearly 200 meters high, this big rock is magnificent because of its structure that looks like a lion
  2. Situato nel tranquillo villaggio di Digampathaha, il Kassapa Lions Rock vanta 2 piscine all'aperto con vista sul famoso Sigiriya Rock e un centro benessere in loco. Le camere sono climatizzate e dotate di bagni all'aperto e balconi privati
  3. Sigiriya, located 170km from the capital, Colombo, is the most exquisite example of ancient Sri Lankan art, architecture, and landscaping. Built in 477AD by King Kasyapa, its centerpiece was the 600 ft high black rock, which was painted white and appeared like a dazzling white cloud floating above the surrounding forests.Its sides were painted with beautiful frescoes of semi-naked nymphs
  4. Sigiriya, de beroemde Lion's Rock in Sri Lanka. Roëll de Ram. Sri Lanka. Zoek een lijstje op met bezienswaardigheden in Sri Lanka of een top 10 van redenen om naar Sri Lanka te gaan en grote kans dat Sigiriya, dé Lion's Rock in Sri Lanka, er tussen staat
  5. Sigiriya Rock is also known as Lion Rock as the entrance to it was originally carved into a giant Lion, unfortunately however only the feet now remain. A UNESCO world heritage site it was originally used as a monastery, but in the second half of the 5th century it was turned into a royal residence by King Kasyapa
  6. Sigiriya (Lion Rock) Categories: Sri Lanka. December 14, 2013. by Maggie. Sigiriya rock in the background. We took a hike in Sri Lanka to this ancient city. We were hiking up Sigiriya rock and we saw a couple of chmemelons. The male chmemelon is bigger and greener
  7. Sigiriya or Sinhagiri Lion Rock rises 200 metres above a lotus pond in a jungle landscape in Sri Lanka. Tourists on an elephant ride in Sigiriya Wewa, a pond. Without wasting any time, my friend and I headed straight to the site. Our first stop was a lotus pond with a semblance of a reflection of Sigiriya

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The Sigiriya (Lion rock) was an imperial fortification for a long time (477-495 AD) when it was bracing by King Kasyapa. The structural and irrigation advancements of Sigiriya, for example, the Water Gardens, still confuse engineers. The scale soak ventures of metal with railings passes a divider adorned with frescoes of uncovered breasted ladies Distance from Sigiriya - 1.1 km (3 minutes) Introduction to Sigiriya Rock Sigiriya also known as Sinhagiri or Lion's Rock is an ancient rock fortress situated in Sigiriya town near the town of Dambulla in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya rock is about 200 meters in height and is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site. The rock has Sigiriya, also known as Lion Rock, is a gigantic ancient megalithic Sri Lankan rock located near the city of Dambulla. It is a spectacular 200 meters high natural formation that, at its top, preserves the ruins of an ancient fortified palace. This archaeological site loved by tourists is recognized was a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 and is considered by locals as.. Lion Rock in Sigiriya is one of the most popular landmarks to visit during a route through Sri Lanka. It is located in the heart of the island between the towns of Dambulla and Habarane. The natural phenomenon is an enormous (200m) square shaped rock that looks like it's placed there

The Sigiriya Lion Rock in Sri Lanka is one of the country's most fascinating and spectacular tourist attractions. This UNESCO World Heritage Site comprises an enormous, distinctive rock fortress that is unlike anything else found anywhere else in the world Sigiriya, meaning Lion Rock in Singalese, is an ancient city in the central Matale district of Sri Lanka. It's easy to spot this two hundred meters high rock as you drive through the Matale district; it dominates the skyline! Although nowadays the fortress is mainly ruins, the lure of Sigiriya is really the hike to the top and the awesome. Sigiriya Lion Rock in Sri Lanka. The Sigiriya lion rock is a much revered and widely visited natural monument in the north central part of the country. This ancient rock fortress of King Kashyapa, now stands evidencing the ruins of an ancient civilization and is a world heritage sit.

Sigiriya Lion rock is arguably one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka both for history and picturesque views. This fortress was built under the influence of King Kasyapa which served as a new capital for a period of more than ten years This site provides an essential information for someone who intends to visit Sigiriya the 'Lion Rock', rock fortress in Sri Lanka. It provides information such as how to get there/ directions, History, Places to stay/ accommodation, What to pack for the trip, how and where to start watching this archeological wonder. The site provides a detailed image gallery of the rock fortress and the. Situated in Matale district, in the middle of Sri Lanka's famous cultural Triangle, Sigiriya (Lion's rock, in Sinhalese සීගිරිය) is an ancient rock fortress and palace ruin surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens and reservoirs.The fortress' name is echoed in the staircases that emerge from a lion's mouth constructed in brick and plaster which offer. Sigiriya Rock Fortress of Sri Lanka is considered by the local population as the 8th Wonder of the World, retroflex ancient City Planning, Hydraulic Technology, Defense, Arts, Garden landscaping and Engineering around 5th Century AD. Called also as the Lion Rock it reaches a height of 200 meters from the surrounding landscape Lion Rock 10 videos. 86 views. Colombo City 12 videos. 47 views. Pidurangala Rock 12 videos. 46 views. TheTravelingClatt.

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The Lion Gate at Sigiriya Rock. The Mirror Wall ends at a courtyard dominated by what once was the Lion Gate. All that remains of the structure are two giant paws flanking a staircase. At one time, the stairs led through the open mouth of a lion's head that crouched between the paws. This must have been an impressive sight during any age The Lion Kingdom is a four star resort, situated approximately 12 km away from the famous Sigiriya Rock Fortress and approx. 18 km away from the Dambulla Cave Temple. For my wife and I, this was our base for our visit to both the above mentioned places. Our stay here was short but sweet Sigiriya Restaurant pays homage to the iconic rocky outcrop of Sigiriya (Lion rock). It is Sri Lanka's single most dramatic sight, an imposing rock that rises with near vertical walls out of the green scrub jungle of the central plains Sigiriya the Lion rock is a natural inselberg rising from the jungle of central Sri Lanka. The caves and cavities of this spectacular rock were used in the third century as a refuge for Buddhist monks. A cobra-shaped rock stretches over the cobra cave, some Buddhist monks lived in this cave already in the 4th century. A USURPER'S REFUG This is perhaps the most visited historic site of Sri Lanka. It is not a surprise at all considering that the Citadel of Sigiriya is the 8 th wonder of the world and is a true wondrous feat of ancient architecture and engineering.. Located near the town of Dambulla, the Sigiriya lion rock is a palace complex built on an isolated rock that is about 200 meters tall

Sigiriya Lion Rock fortress Eighth among the World Wonder's! Adventure, Explore, First Solo Trip. After my incredible Elephant expeditions and jungle safaris, I moved on to my Second adventure for the day to visit the ancient Sgiriya Rock Fortress. It's also termed as the Lion Rock Sigiriya, The Lion rock of Sri Lanka April 11, 2020 January 5, 2020 by vagabondwanderlust There are many amazing things to see in Sri Lanka, but probably one of the most awe-inspiring, and literally outstanding, is the Fortress of Sigiriya or Lion Rock Today's tourists are welcomed by enormous lion paws about halfway up the side of this rock. The name of this place is derived from this structure —Sīhāgiri, the Lion Rock. Image Credit: Shutterstock. As noted by geologists, the Sigiriya rock is a remnant of an eruption of hardened magma of an extinct and long-eroded volcano

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A.Sutherland - AncientPages.com- Sri Lanka's ancient site of historical and archaeological significance is dominated by a massive column of rock the so-called 'Sigiriya Rock'.. Sigiriya rock (or the 'Lion rock') fortress is the spectacular and the oldest structure, approximately 200 meters (660 ft) high, located in the Matale District of the Central Provincen of Sri Lanka Sigiriya Lion Rock Deep in the middle of Sri Lanka, a massive column of rock juts out from the green tropical forest. It reaches 660 feet tall and features frescoes, graffiti, and landscaped gardens

Le rocher de Sigiriya, aussi appelé le « rocher du lion » est l'un des vestiges historiques les plus impressionnants du Sri Lanka.Ce monolithe rouge ocre qui domine la jungle du haut de ses 370 mètres abrite une forteresse à l'histoire singulière. Classé au patrimoine mondial de l'Unesco, le site archéologique de Sigiriya a été restauré au milieu du XXème siècle A once-hidden palace to an illicit king, Sigiriya is nicknamed Lion Rock for its formerly lion-shaped peak—of which the only remaining features are a pair of massive clawed feet

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Sigiriya Rock Sigiriya Rock - Sigiriya. ~ What was once part of a fortress, centuries ago, today stands tall as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sigiriya Rock still exudes the same might and power it once held, the heights of which can be felt only after climbing up right to the top Tips For Visiting Sigiriya - The Lion Rock In Central Sri Lanka. July 14, 2016. Written by Jayne Gorman. 14 Sigiriya is one of Sri Lanka's 7 World Heritage Sites and is found in the country's Cultural Triangle, a stunning region stuffed full of sacred stupas and ancient temples A trip to the fantastic Sigiriya Lion Rock in Sri Lanka is something you should do if you happen to be in the central part of the country. We had stayed in Dambulla the previous night and done the sightseeing round there. Then it was timeto hit up Sigirya - Lion Rock

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Sigiriya Sri Lanka is the Eighth Wonder of the World

Kassapa Lions Rock, Sigiriya: See 1,501 traveller reviews, 1,071 user photos and best deals for Kassapa Lions Rock, ranked #10 of 61 Sigiriya hotels, rated 4 of 5 at Tripadvisor This rock fortress, the miracle of King Kashyapa, is officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A trip to Sigiriya will not be complete without a visit to Dambulla which is located close to the Lion Rock, where a breathtaking complex of five caves can be found Climbing up the Sigiriya Rock is a challenging task and can take almost up to 90 minutes. The first stage is generally considered to be the easiest to climb as it begins from the base of the rock, upwards to the landscaped gardens Sigiriya Sri Lanka, also referred to as the Lion Rock is likely the most photographed wonder of Sri Lanka.The rock is 600 feet tall and is located in the district of Matale. What really makes it unique are the ruins of a royal palace belonging to King Kashyapa in 500 CE Sigiriya Lion Rock is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is an ancient rock fortress situated in the northern Matale District close to the town of Dambulla in the Central Province, Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is well-known for its 200 metre high red stone fort. Sigiriya Rock provides you with one of the most spectacular sites in Sri Lanka

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sigiriya, the lion rock citadel As I promised last week, today I'll be taking you to a mesmerizing attraction within the island of Sri Lanka . To make this journey interesting I thought of starting from a place full of adventure, thrills, secrets, wonders, architectural marvels, striking features, and monumental history Sigiriya Lion Rock Climb : Ancient Botanic Gardens in Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Sigiriya rock fortress: FAQ Sigiriya rock opening hours. 7:00 AM - 04:00 PM (Every day) Best time to climb Sigiriya rock. Climbing in the morning is best because there is not much sunlight and will not get tired soon Sigiriya Fortress is known as the Lion Rock. It's one of Sri Lanka's most mysterious abandoned ruins, perched on a rock monolith 500 feet above the valley. T..

Ayubowan!: Sigiriya (Sri Lanka) Featured on Ancient AliensSigiriya | Sri Lanka | Travel Destinations | Ancient Cities

An ancient stone fortress used by a king of Sri Lanka as a place to build his palace and hide from his brother's attacks, Sigiriya (The Lion Rock) is often considered the eighth wonder of the world Pidurangala Rock. While Sigiriya Rock is rich in history and has some pretty dramatic features such as the lion's paw and the mirror wall, Pidurangala Rock has a much more natural feel, despite also housing a temple. Pidurangala Rock is adjacent to Sigiriya Rock and is the best viewing spot of Sigiriya Rock as it is only slightly lower Lion's Rock fortress - Sigiriya, SriLanka . Sigiriya also known as Sinhagiri or Lion's Rock is an ancient rock fortress situated in Sigiriya town near the town of Dambulla in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya rock is about 200 meters in height and is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site

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